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System Neurophysiology

Course No. : 27350

Time & Place: Semester A

Monday 08:00-10:00, Building 604, room no. 11

Tuesday 16:00-18:00, Building 901, room no. 101

Lecturer: Prof. Hamutal Slovin


Aim: To establish a solid background in system Neuroscience.

The main topics are neurophysiology of the senses, the motor system and the autonomic system. If time permits we will discuss memory, attention and sleep.


Topics that will be included in the course:

  1. Chemical senses: taste and smell. 

  2. Vision: The eye and retinal processing.

  3. Vision: The central visual system. 

  4. The auditory and vestibualr systems. 

  5. The somatic sensory system. 

  6. Striate muscle. 

  7. Spinal control of movement. 

  8. Brain control of movement.

  9. The autonomic system.

  10. Memory systems.

  11. Sleep.

  12. Attention.

Reading material: Neuroscience Exploring the Brain by Bear and Paradiso. Third edition

Course pre-requirements: The course is open for BSc in Brain Science, 2'nd year.

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