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Our research is dedicated to uncovering the neural circuits and neural mechanisms underlying visual perception and visual processing. Using voltage-sensitive dye imaging and additional cutting-edge technologies we aim at decoding and reconstruction of visual content from brain activity of behaving animals. We investigate artificial vision in the primary visual cortex using electrical microstimulation and optostimulation of neuronal population.  

Our long-term goals are to provide novel insights into perceptually guided behavior, facilitate the development of a useful cortical visual neuroprosthesis, and improve the treatment of visually impaired subjects.


  • Speaker at the Israel Visual Science Society (IVSS) Conference, 2023

  • Invited speaker at VSS Symposia: "The Active Fovea". Lecture title: "A two-phase extraretinal input into monkey's V1: the effect of fixational saccades on population Response". In: Vision Science Society (VSS) Conference, May 2023, St. Pete. Florida, USA.

  • Invited speaker at "Active Vision" Symposium. Lecture title: "The effects of fixational eye movements on population responses in V1 of monkeys: from instability of visual processing to extraretinal input." In: the 32nd CVS Symposium May 2022, Rochester NY, USA.

  • Invited speaker, lecture title: "Processing shapes and surfaces: insights from the visual cortex of monkeys and mice". In: "Plasticity and dynamics in the visual system connecting genes cells and circuits" conference, May 2022, Weizmann Institute, Israel.

  • Invited speaker at "Active Sensing" ISFN session. Lecture title: "Fixational eye movements and their influence on visual and perceptual processing". In: 28th ISFN annual meeting, January 2020, Eilat, Israel.

  • Invited speaker at SFN mini-symposium: "Advanced Circuit and Cellular Imaging Methods in Non-Human Primates". Lecture title: "Encoding and reconstruction of surfaces and contours from V1 of behaving monkeys". In: SFN annual conference, October 2019, Chicago, IL, USA.

  • Invited speaker at "The Active Vision Workshop". Lecture title: "The visual image is not stable in V1: the effects of fixational eye movements". In: The Jerusalem Brain Community, November 2019, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel.

 Recent conferences

New publication: Spatio-temporal activation patterns of neuronal population evoked by optostimulation and the comparison to electrical microstimulation. Margalit SN., Slovin H. Sci Rep 13, 12689 (2023).

Neuroscience Top 100 of 2023 in Sci Rep

Research highlights

We are recruiting! 

Brain Dynamics in Behavior and Stimulation. 
18 March 2024, Bochum, Germany. 

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