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  • Invited speaker: The Active Vision Workshop, 07 Nov 2019

       The Suzanne and Charles Goodman Brain Sciences Building, HUJI, Israel

  • Invited speaker: Minisymposium in SFN 2019, 19-24 Oct 2019, Chicago USA:

       Review in J Neuroscioence: Advanced Circuit and Cellular Imaging Methods in Nonhuman Primates


  • ISF-China grant award,  Dec 2018 (Collaboration with Wei Wang)

  • ISF Bikura grant award, Oct 2018

  • Invited speaker in: Cortical codes, Europe Institute for Theoretical Neuroscience, Paris, 5-6 Feb. 2018

  • Invited speaker in: Windows to the brain. Conference in honor of Prof. Amiram Grivald, Jan 16 2018, Weizmann Institute (invited speaker).



together with Rudiger von der HeydtAnitha Pasupathy and Alex Maier

  • ISF personal grant award, July 2016

  • BSF grant award June 2016, with Prof. Robert Shapley, NYU


  • Maayan Gadot won the best short poster presentation, ISFN 2015

  • ISFN symposium: Relating cortical organization and dynamics to sensory processing and rehabilitation, Dec 2015

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